Life with The Beloved

The things that have ones so enamored—the perfect love, the perfect child, the perfect income, the perfect house and job and town to live in—are the very things that keep so many from God. Humanity has become so brainwashed by what the collective whole says are the ideals and attainments for which to strive. If they are an end, in and of themselves, each one of those items is a false god placed before your Lord God and Creator.

The same dynamic can be found in the New Age movement. The pursuit of enlightenment, ascension, bi-location, teleportation, etc. are all pursuits of false gods. They are attachments and distractions of the mind. Desires are acts of Separation. Inherent in one's desire for anything is the belief that one lacks something and, therefore, needs something. Thus, desire places an object of pursuit before God which, in turn, distances one even further from God.

Desire not the fruits of life with God. Desire, instead, life with God.

Life with The Beloved is not about enlightenment. It is about falling so completely in love with Creation that you are in Oneness with everything in any given moment. Then the next moment comes and you fall in love all over again. What if it is God's will that you do not attain enlightenment in this embodiment? Does that mean you fail? No. The only desire worth having is to become consumed by God's love. Place no conditions upon what that looks like. God is love. Thus, yearn to know love, to feel love, to express love, and to become love—beyond limit. If that means enlightenment, then accept it. If it means being married, single, gay, straight, rich, poor, with or without kids, famous or unknown, accept that too. It does not matter. Those titles, positions, and attributes are simply what God needs to play this game of chess with your lives. Furthermore, all those attainments of the material world are gone forever in the instant you transit your physical form, from a life whose entirety only amounts to one blink of your soul's eternal eye.

God does not need six billion people enlightened in this decade, or in this century for that matter. God needs a surrendered, willing heart that says, "Use me according to Thy will." There are countless people who are not enlightened Masters, yet live so completely in rapture with God, and it blesses everything they do. I have seen many working in hotels and restaurants. The love I see oozing out of them almost brings me to tears. Some of them are going home to screaming children, no money, and fifteen people living in a one-room box of a house with no windows; yet, they walk in grace because they feel the love of God constantly in their hearts. They see it, and insist on seeing it, in every single thing they do. That is the magic which helps them transcend their circumstance. Many of them have never read a book on ascension and might think enlightenment is what happens when you flip the light switch on a wall. Do you think it matters? Do you think they care? Their focus is on God, not on His gifts.

Love is what everyone is seeking. The irony is that all have the power to have it in any moment. Many just do not give themselves permission, partly because they do not believe that they can have it. Most have been taught that life is about having to attain something. Others believe that, once they become enlightened, then they will have that love. But it is the other way around. It is the love which leads one into enlightenment.

No moment lives beyond the confines of itself. All that matters is to fill each moment with the highest amount of love you can muster, then ache to give even more. It is in these moments that you are in Oneness. It is in these moments that you are living life with The Beloved.

- Louix Dor Dempriey


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