Is my new girlfriend my twin flame?

Q:  I have just met the most wonderful woman, and I would really appreciate if you could tell me if she is my twin flame.

A:  As far as your question about this woman possibly being your twin flame, it is very clear that you have forgotten one of the fundamentals of my teachings:

“God is your twin flame.”

You will never find completion outside of self. Your twin flame is not a person. It is your relationship with The Beloved. Everyone who comes asking me, “Is this my twin flame?” is totally on the wrong track. You are setting yourself up for a very large upset if you continue in this pursuit of a “twin flame.”

What I will tell you, and what serves your soul’s highest and best interests, is to follow your heart. If you feel close to this woman, and your heart stirs when you are with her, then just allow the process to unfold naturally. Stay out of your head in trying to figure out the outcome. Remember this:

“You do not journey to a goal. The journey is the goal.”

Best of luck in your newly found love.

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