Invocation of Archangel Michael

Dear Lord Archangel Michael,
I call to you and your legions this day
to wrap me in the blue veil of your protection.
Let it descend upon me like a mantle
and be sealed and held by the grip of Mother Goddess Earth,
sourced by Her white-fire core,
protecting me from all but the highest levels of Light
of Mother-Father God,
from all non-Christed sources,
from all evil and darkness,
from all astral entities and energies,
and from all other negativities---
planetary, interplanetary, and universal,
on-planet and off-planet,
above and below me,
to my left and to my right,
in front and behind me,
on this and all planes of existence,
in this and all levels of consciousness,
in this and all dimensions of time,
known or unknown,
now and forever.

                                                 - Louix Dor Dempriey

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