In His Presence

Our first evening, planned as a devotional singing and welcome meal, was all that and more. The singing was beautiful… so much love and devotion filled the room as each song came to life. Sitting before Guruji, and singing to Him, allowed us all to settle, to centre ourselves, and to open up to His infinite love. A meal prepared by the community was served and thoroughly enjoyed in the garden. After the meal, Guruji wandered into the gathering area to find my beloved Howard, weeping on the floor out of gratitude for seeing his Guru again. Pranananda walked up to him and tenderly placed His foot upon his open hand, which opened his heart even further. I knelt down and touched Pranananda’s other foot and was instantly electrified by the current that came rushing through my body, sending me into ecstatic laughter and joy. As people could hear and feel what was transpiring in the room, they came and took part of the experience. It was not long before most people in the room were in some state of ecstasy, peace, and/or bliss. As we surrendered to this experience, the more the love and light of God poured in and through Guruji, into the room and into each of us. It was a truly miraculous welcoming, and, unbeknownst to us, heralding the theme for the entire visit.

Two nights later we were blessed with an evening of pranayama (a sacred breathing exercise for moving into higher states of consciousness). This evening will forever be known as the “Samadhi Tsunami” due to the tidal waves of love that infused everyone in the room. Guruji worked His magic, tending to each individual, and the collective group. To have a God-realized Being oversee such a powerful healing experience simply took it out into the stratosphere. Lifetimes of emotional blocks and karma are lifted from one’s being through deep trust and surrender to the process, and to God.

It was after the pranic breathing that I had an experience that changed me, and the way that I knew my Guru, forever. We had begun to share our experiences of the pranayama, and I was sitting with my husband at the back of the room. It was funny, because I felt that I had to share my experience, but, to do so, I ought to sit before Guruji. I had no idea why, but I simply followed my instinct. My experience had been one of feeling enormous freedom from a very deep wound that I had let go of. In so doing, I was feeling so much gratitude to Guruji for His assistance in getting me through a very personal issue, and for all that He has done to help my family.

As I knelt at His feet and began telling Him of my gratitude, the tears began falling as my heart opened and the love that I experienced felt like it flooded the entire planet. I cried and cried feeling so much love and so much happiness. I sat back, still feeling my open heart, and I looked up at Guruji. His eyes had changed, and I knew that He had moved into a deep state of samadhi. As our eyes connected, I instantly felt the power and force of the current emanating from His eyes and I began shaking and laughing as it overwhelmed me. I lay back down on the floor, more so because I couldn’t sit up with the force of the laughter. The current became stronger and stronger and the laughing was getting more and more hysterical—it was fantastic! It reached a certain point when all of a sudden I could see, feel, and from some deep recess within me, remember, who this Man was that sat before me.

I could see Guruji walking towards me. His pure, golden aura so large that I couldn’t see the edge of it, and it was almost blinding. It was as though He were made of gold. And as I saw this image, I felt Him, truly felt Him, and the power of God fill me and fill everything in creation. I began to laugh even harder as I witnessed everything that He had ever done for anyone flash through my consciousness like a movie on high speed—all the while, still uncontrollably laughing. I actually had to stop looking directly at Him for I thought that I might literally explode. As the laughing reached the next level (where I almost could not breathe) I pointed (at where I thought He was, because I couldn’t open my eyes from laughing so hard) and called to Him and said, “I know who You are.” I then lost it again as I saw in my mind’s eye how many people thought of Him as simply a man with a beard wearing robes. It was so, so funny to me and I kept on laughing uncontrollably as the reality of what I saw hit me. Louix Dor Dempriey is anything but a man in a robe with a beard. His mission and His life’s purpose is written upon the Heaven’s to reveal Truth as it has never been delivered nor heard before. Many will try to stop Him, but they will not succeed. That is a simple fact, as spoken to me by God.

As the experience began to lessen in intensity, I moved over to Guruji and lay at His feet. I continued receiving bolts of Shakti, only now it was different, soothing, and blissful. The gratitude that I felt was so great, and I kept weeping whenever my thoughts would wander to what I had just experienced. I knew that from this night forward that I would see the world quite differently.

I do not remember how long I lay there, what I do remember is how beautiful and peaceful it was to be at the feet of my Guru. Thank You, Guruji.

- Kharananda Mayi
Melbourne, Australia

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