Am I supposed to charge for healing work?

Q:  I am a healer and I do not know if I am supposed to charge my clients or work for free. Many have said that healers are not supposed to charge for their services. Can you please help me with this?

A:  There are two main points to consider. First, you need to look in your heart and see what is it that God is asking of you, rather than what you perceive as the "spiritually wise" thing to do. Your mind has posed the question in terms of what is right and wrong. What is of greater value---and truth---is to ascertain what is right for you, since there are no such things as "right" and "wrong" (generalizations are deadly).

Second, you, like so many others, have bought into one of the world's great hypocrisies and distortions by believing, "You should not charge for your healing services because that is ‘God's' work." My beloved, there is no such thing as "spiritual" work. Everything is God's work because everything is God. If healers should not charge, then neither should lawyers, landscapers, shirt makers, architects, painters, surgeons, hotels... While we are at it, let us just have nobody pay anyone for anything!

When I lay the truth before you, it is very easy to see humanity's delusions. The monetary system exists in this world for many reasons. Furthermore, money happens to be an inert substance, which means that, as a medium of exchange, it has absolutely no qualities or properties of its own. It takes on the energies and values which human consciousness places upon it: love, greed, gratitude, generosity, abundance, scarcity, hoarding, etc.

Now it is also true that God occasionally asks certain individuals (in many different fields of endeavor) to serve without charging a set fee. There are others whom God asks to work by donation, or to not charge at all. God's reasons for asking this of one of His children is not based on the fact that God views one form of service as "holy" while judging the services rendered by the rest of His children as petty and unholy. The reasons God asks this of an individual are specific to the life, lessons, and learning of that individual. And the reasons God may, or may not, be asking you to charge for your services may be different than the reasons why God would ask this of another.

Follow your heart. I bless you in all that you do in the name of Love.

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