I Am Overwhelmed by Your Love

6 November 2016

Dear Prananandaji,

What can I say… my heart is bursting after Disciple Training today. I feel Your love and the flow of Grace in my life more and more. Such is in the intoxication at times, it overwhelms me. Momentarily, I have thought “Why me? What have I done to deserve this? Then I feel Your loving gaze upon me, and these thoughts gently fall away. “Why not!” You reply.

So…bring it on! God does not give us more than we can handle, so I keep saying “I am open and willing to receive this Love.” And the beautiful thing is that I can see it overflowing to those around me—with my friends and family, with my patients and work colleagues. It filters into everything I do. My spiritual practices are taking me to places I have never been before:  deeper awareness, deeper understanding, deeper compassion, and deeper self-love. It is an awesome ride.

Thank You, thank You!

I feel so blessed and soooooo grateful!

I love You with all my heart.


Lynda xxxx



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