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Below is a letter I received from one who both knows—and models for others, by way of these wise and profound words:  the true nature of the Guru and how He/She works, how and why it is essentially easy to forgive (and the need for it), and what is the underlying truth about all our wounds and rites of passage. These words clearly demonstrate the difference between “intellectually knowing” there is nothing outside of self and that you choose and create everything in your life and “having mastered” (or Self-realized) these truths. While individual circumstances vary from one person to another, the second and third paragraphs are what hold the Great Teaching which applies to everyone and every circumstance:  That you chose and created everything in your life for the sole purpose of liberating your soul and realizing God, your indwelling divinity. I offer this gift to you—as one of the most powerful spiritual tools I have ever given you—in the hopes that it will inspire you to walk in mastery, too. Please read this letter every day, until you are living at all times in the consciousness imbued in these words.

- Louix Dor Dempriey


One of my issues that came up for me for healing, which came up through my time with You, beloved Guruji, was regarding being with a guy when I was at age 25. This man really tried to do me in… I mean he possibly would have killed me had I not finally become free of him. Everything from physical beatings, verbal assaults, sado-masochistic sex, financial dependence on him,  regular humiliations, mind control, satanic practices, isolating me and turning me against my family and friends,  sleep deprivation—all of this over a five-month period.

I prayed to God for help and was able to leave my virtual imprisonment, and have been on the road with God in my heart ever since. So I understand that, because of the pain this man inflicted on me, I then was able to turn to God and surrender (then), and that was such a great gift. But I still had (and have) fears about being in a vulnerable position like that. And I realize that there is nothing—absolutely nothing—in Your example, in Your behaviour with me or any others, with Your teachings, with anything that I have ever heard You say or do, that could anyway indicate that You are anything other than Loving. Yet, my fears (again dissolving as I write this) are that my surrender to You might lead to my being harmed in any of these ways.

It is another great lila, dear Guruji:  where You are showing me the healing, offering this to me, and I accept it now. These memories… they are not the truth of who I am. They are something to be given to the Light and thanked and blessed for their place in my life at that time. Yes, these events did bring me to God; and, yes, yes, (the truth of what You have spoken about) this man has played a great role in my life by playing the role of hurting me, something that only a truly loving soul could and would do for me. I forgive him. I forgive him. I was scared before—terrified—but now I am free to forgive. I am stronger and wiser, and I can love him.

Lots of tears are flowing now, Guruji. Thank You for this gift. I hope I can continue loving and forgiving. Your grace has triggered this release in me.

Thank You.

- J.R.
Sydney, Australia

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