How do I make myself like things I don’t like?

Q:  There are so many things that I do not like about my life. How do I make myself like things I don’t like?

A:  You are fighting to hold onto the things you “think” you like. I use the word “think” because you do not know who you are; therefore, you cannot possibly know what you like. You can only have conjecture based on illusion, and that is very far from Truth or Reality. Focus on getting to know who you Are, and in that journey you will find the joy in discovering what you really like.

The likes and desires that people develop in life are for those things which will most effectively numb themselves from the pain of feeling separate from God. The more you grow to love yourself, the fewer things you will need to do and to have in the material world to make you feel good about your life.

As you become filled with more and more love,
your exterior needs, wants, and desires dissipate,
because love is what feeds you,
love is what fulfills you,
love is what nourishes you,
and love is what brings you joy.

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