How do I have a good relationship with my Master?

Q:  How do I have a good relationship with my Master? Inwardly I am often rebelling at the feeling that my free will is being usurped. In fact, I no longer feel I have a free will, or that such a thing as “free will” even exists. I am surrendering more and more, day by day, but I wonder:  Must my surrender be forced? And if my surrender is forced, can it still be called “surrender?”

A:  How you can have a good relationship with your Master is to fall head over heels in love with, and in gratitude for, this being. It is to realize that what you now have is the single, greatest gift bestowed upon any human being on Planet Earth—to walk with a living Master. This is the greatest, and only, vehicle necessary for the liberation of the soul. Few have ever attained Enlightenment without the aid of a Guru. There is only one way out of the labyrinth of Separation and that is with the help of one who lives outside of that labyrinth, in the land of Illumination and Freedom. No one inside the labyrinth can get you out, no matter how rich, famous, or smart that one is or professes to be. How to have a good relationship with this one is to move into a level of such deep appreciation for the gifts you are being given and to see this one as your victory, as your key to the kingdom of heaven. Respect and listen to this one.

As far as your feelings over your free will being usurped, know that the last and greatest gift of Creation is free will. It is never usurped. Yours was a statement spoken by a victim. In order for anyone to take you over (as you say) or to force your surrender, you would have to be a victim. And since there are no victims, that is anything but the case. The Master’s will is attuned to God’s will. Your will—the human, separate will—is guided and directed by the overwhelming and all-consuming desire to gratify the senses, to continue numbing yourself so you will not feel separate from God. No true Master would, or even has the power to, override your free will. In God’s infinite love and patience, God waits. The well does not travel on wheels to those who are thirsty.

Surrender cannot be forced, nor is it an action. You do not “do” surrender. Surrender is a state of consciousness that you attain by way of purifying yourself, by letting go of, and moving beyond, your inauthenticities, of all that no longer serves you... all of which your Master is well aware (infinitely more aware than you could ever be). Be grateful and listen to this one. Consider yourself both blessed and a very, very hungry and mature soul, that you were even able to magnetize this blessing to yourself. It says more about you than it does about your Master. Where you place God in your life is where God shows up in your life. Evidently, your hunger and desire for God is enormous, for very few people (in proportion to the number of people on the planet) walk with Masters. Furthermore, since whatever you place your focus on, you become, it is by walking with mastery that you will become mastery.

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