How do I connect with God when I am around people?

Q:  I find it easiest to connect with God when I am alone. When I am around people, I find that I get distracted and lose the depth of my connection. Why does this happen and how do I foster the same connection when I’m with people all the time, without becoming introverted or ignoring the people around me?

A:  I have a very simple solution to your dilemma:  Make a simple “chiropractic adjustment” in your consciousness and recognize that every single person is God. This way, you will be in God’s company all the time and you will seek the Divine with and among each and every person you encounter because, verily, every single person is God in form, as are you. You do not need to run and hide to be with God because God is everywhere—in every one and in every thing at all times. As you engage in that treasure hunt, you will be open to more experiences of God than you were having when alone. You will uncover many different kinds of insight, connection, receptivity, revelation, and epiphany. The singular voice of God will now become a symphony, and you will be amazed at how and why that wasn’t so before.


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