Why am I homosexual?

Q:  Can you please explain why I am homosexual? Is it a result of my environment or is it genetic?

AWho you are, and who you came into the world to be, is not genetic, nor is it a condition of your environment. Before your embodiment, your soul sits in council with God, the Lords of Karma, and your master teachers in spirit, and you choose all the many different life lessons, circumstances, and areas for personal growth and expansion of consciousness which, all combined, create the tapestry that would become “you” in this lifetime. Therefore, why you came into the world to be homosexual is no different than why you came into the world to be a plumber or a pilot, or to be short or tall, dark-haired or light-haired, married or single. Furthermore, if you grew up in a gay community, you are no more likely to become gay than if you grew up in a straight community. What could stand in the way of that are your fears, judgments, insecurities, lack of faith, and weak levels of self-love.

In God’s eyes—and I beseech you consider this to be in your eyes, as well—the rich are not closer to God than the poor, the gay than the straight, the famous than the anonymous. They are all equal, all love, and all perfect. It’s all the same to God, and it needs to be all the same to you.

Because of all the distortions and conditions people have placed on love, and all the pollution that has entered humans’ minds, these ultimate, inalienable Truths have been tainted. Consequently, we have adopted a set of so-called principles we call “societal norms” (which are anything but normal and anything but principles of Truth) for people to use to run their lives. Rather, it is insanity at its highest level.

Remember, the ultimate goal is about love. Love is not gender- or orientation-specific. Love thyself as God loves you—without condition, without judgment… just as you are.




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