Gratitude is the Highest Form of Prayer

Louix explains his maxim:  “Gratitude is the highest form of prayer” and then goes on to demonstrate the underlying energetics and implications of gratefulness vs. complaining.

Complaining deepens Separation.
Gratefulness deepens Oneness.




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  1. Comment by Paula Newman:

    Hello Louix
    I just listened to your video on Gratefulness and creating oneness, thank you. Towards the end of the video you say avoiding pain creates pain what do you mean by this? Annnnd I understand that everything in our world is a reflection of us. I am trying my best to care for my elderly parents and finding things extremely difficult with 2 elder sisters who seem only to want my downfall at any cost. What advice would you give me? I am being devalued and mentally find it too much when the caring itself is enough to deal with. One sister is hard and cold emotionally and the other winds my mother up and excalates her fear of money etc As I write this I am asking myself where I do this [- is this the key?
    God bless love Paula

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