God Will Always Open a New Door

If you place yourself wholly in God’s hands, He will not let you down.

If you are willing to be “totally spent” in His work,
He will make you an instrument of value and worth.

If you will humble yourself in His presence,
He will set you in a place of honor and respect.

God want to elevate you and me in our communities, not as a pastor or as a great teacher, but He want people to look upon us and say, “There is a man who walks with God, PRAISE THE LORD. When that man prays, things happens. When he minister, lives are transformed.”

Brothers and Sisters of LOUIX’S COMMUNITY, one night I was in Busia (Busia is a border town that is between Kenya and Uganda) to participate on my friend’s burial ceremony. Next morning I went to the local church in the area. After service I received a call asking me to return to Nairobi immediately.

One of the church members had suffered a massive heart attack and was in critical condition. It was a rainy, cold night with the bridges and roads at the point of washed over. I was exhausted and the lonely drive over treacherous roads took hours.

Finally, I arrived at Nairobi in the wee hours of the morning. I found the brother had been taken to the hospital, so I decided to visit him in the hospital. In the hospital Nurse met me and said, “Reverend, we have been waiting for you. The patient won’t let us do anything for him until the Boss get here.”

I responded by saying, “I am not reverend. I do not hold such big title. I am a mere disciple.” Then he took me to his room. A catholic nun met me at the door and asked, “Are you the Boss?” I said, “I guess I am.” From the time he had surrendered and been delivered of alcohol three years earlier, he had never called me anything but “Boss.” It was his way of showing respect.

I walked to his bed, laid my hands on him and then prayed a simple, short prayer. Then I asked him to chant with me, “PRANANANDA-OM” 108 times.

What surprises the hospital staff, including me, was how the man jumped out of his bed and demanded that he be given his clothes. He was completely healed of a massive heart attack. Within a few minutes he walked out of that hospital, strong and well.

Thank You, His Holiness Beloved Pranananda. Your presence on me have make me do a lot.

God Bless You.

Your Disciple,

- Francis Ooko
Kisumu, Kenya

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