Eternal Pranams to Beloved Sathya Sai Baba

(November 23, 1926 – April 24, 2011)

On the morning of Easter Sunday, after 85 years of blessing this world—and all of Creation—with His immortal presence, made manifest here on Earth, history came full circle as our beloved Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba drew His last breath and entered mahasamadhi. How blessed is all of humanity that God chose to take this human form and leave such a miracle-filled legacy and example for all to witness and one day emulate.

In the wake of His departure, I have seen world headlines announce His passing. And while they did make mention of just some of His Greatness, some of the fathomless good He has done for this world, and while the press did—in one short day—increase Swami’s exposure from tens of millions to perhaps a few billion people, it also saddened me that all the major media outlets had to include, if not end, their “coverage” of His passing with taints and scandals. Granted, the fear-based words of Swami’s naysayers cannot ever touch or mar His Greatness, nor change the verity of His Divine and immortal walk on Earth. But, seeing this sacrilege has inspired me to set the record straight, and to tell the world exactly Who He was, in His Divine Effulgence. I not only want to do this for Him, part of me feels I owe this to Him, if, for no other reason, than for all He has done for me. I, like so many others, would not be who or where I am if not for the grace of this Avatar.

Simply put, Sathya Sai Baba was and is an Avatar, an incarnation of God on Earth. Contrary to what most of His followers ignorantly claim and believe, He is not the only Avatar on the planet at this time. Sadly, many Christians have this same belief about Jesus. The fact is that God has taken human form on several occasions, and simultaneously, in answer to humanity’s call and cry for help. Both Sai Baba and Jesus themselves knew this (as do all Avatars), and neither ever spoke that they were the only ones.

During His terrestrial sojourn, Sathya Sai Baba embodied the role of the Cosmic Christ for all of humanity. Unique to His Holiness is also the fact that, during His earthly life, He held the highest Light quotient of any human being on the planet. His life and mission were multifaceted and in many ways shall forever remain beyond “human” comprehension. One aspect, though, was clear:  His primary objective was to build faith in a forlorn and despairing world that had long forgotten its connection to Source, to its own Creator. This is why Swami lavished the world and all His devotees with such a jaw-dropping display of the miraculous. It was never to impress. It was to build faith—beyond any reasonable doubt. It was to let all God’s children know that God is real and is here. So many (including many of His followers) lost sight of this, Swami’s greatest gift, instead getting caught up in the pursuit of material gain and attachment, wanting Him to manifest (in Swami’s own words) “trinkets and trash,” rather than take from Him THE greatest gift He could offer:  union with God. Nonetheless, He gave and gave, fulfilling all wishes, all requests, happy only that His children came to Him, reveling in their company, regardless of all motives. Like a true parent, He wanted only for the happiness of His children, and He was willing to do anything to see to it.

As for those who will choose to miss out on Who was in our midst for these past eight decades, I ask of all who do know the Truth of Sai Baba—as your last gift to Him—to offer your understanding, compassion, and forgiveness to these misguided ones. Love them as Swami always did. Know that Pure Love can never be harmed. It can only be embellished.

The world is much, much brighter because of You, dear Swami. What You have given and done for this world and for all of humanity can never be fully counted or measured, not to mention all that You have done in the unseen realms, the tally of which makes Infinity pale in comparison.

Let us all pranam together as we praise Your Holy Name, kiss Your Lotus Feet, and celebrate Your life and message. Your immortal presence shall forever light the hearts of all God’s children in their journey into Oneness.


-    Louix Dor Dempriey
(Bhagavan Sri Pranananda)


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  1. Comment by Vashis:

    True, Swami has brought great enlightenment to all God-believers, with so many discourses He gave during his terrestrial sojourn. His blessings and grace have done miracles to many.

    Jai sai ram

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