Does healing myself really heal and bless those around me?

Q:  Over the years, as I have been working on healing my non-loving and inauthentic behaviors and beliefs, I have noticed corresponding changes in my family members and in other people close to me. Will You please explain how and why this phenomenon occurs? Does healing myself really heal and bless those around me?

A:  Yes. As you continue to grow, heal, and purify yourself on all the many levels of your being (thoughts, feelings, words, and deeds), your personal transformation ripples out—first and foremost—to bless, help, heal, and illuminate the beings who are closest to you (the ones with whom you have the deepest, strongest karmic connections:  your biological family, spouses/partners, soul mates, roommates, co-workers, and other people who are in your innermost circle).

There are two primary reasons why this occurs:   Firstly, (through The Law of Oneness) there is only one person on the planet, and that is you. The other 7 billion people are the 7 billion aspects of you. This same principle applies to your pets, your car, the planet—everything around you. It is all One. Secondly, as you take in Light and love from the Divine, your chalice becomes filled and the blessings, healing, transformation, joy, and peace you are experiencing spill over into the lives of those who are closest to you.

For many years I have watched this phenomenon occur in my life and in the lives of countless devotees and disciples who have witnessed transformation occurring in the lives of their parents, partners, children, roommates, colleagues, and loved ones.

Is what you are doing really affecting other people, you ask me? Absolutely! Such is the Power of One.


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