Demystifying 2012

Talk and hypotheses about 2012, and what will happen to the earth and the human race by the end of that year, has become one of the hottest topics in the whole spiritual movement. Opinions and theories abound, most of them rooted in either fear, wishful thinking, or a combination of both. My intention, by joining the ranks of those who have written about it, is to first demystify it, then to alleviate people’s fears about it, but mostly to align the individual and collective consciousness of humanity in a way that will most source and best guide people’s lives in these tumultuous and most transformational times.

One of my greatest hopes is to help people avert the drama, hype, and fallout that occurred during the whole “Y2K” debacle. Yes, it is true that the world is changing faster than most can comprehend, much less follow. It is true that we are at a pivotal turning point in the evolution of this species. And yes, it is true that much will happen in 2012. My point is:  It is already happening now! There will simply be exponentially more and more change taking place with each passing year—and continuing long after 2012 has come and gone.

We are now in the Age of Enlightenment, moving out of the Piscean Age and into the Age of Aquarius. There are two major events happening at this time which are noteworthy. Whereas all individuals will experience their spiritual awakening at some point in a given lifetime—it is different for each person, and happens at a specific age and moment for each person—what is happening now is that the planet itself is going through its spiritual awakening (by “planet” I am also referring to the human race, as a single entity). In other words, just as creatures evolved from the sea to, at some point, walk on land, the human race has now evolved to the point whereby it is now ready to live as love, in accordance with and in obedience to God’s will.

What we are witnessing right now is our approach to crossing that threshold of consciousness—as an entire species. Furthermore, the human species is only at the beginning of that window of transcendence, which really kicked into high gear with the “hippy” movement of the early 1960’s. That was, you might say, the birth of humanity’s Awakening. This 2012 transition is tantamount to humanity’s consciousness now entering puberty. The planet and the human race is now quickly moving towards the point whereby and wherein the collective critical mass (i.e. more than 50%) of the world’s population will have had its spiritual awakening and be living in the pursuit of self-purification, of alignment with Divine will, and with loving motive and purpose as its mainstay. The planet is nowhere near that figure as of yet; however, God needs this to happen, and so it shall. It is Destiny, not merely a nicety.

Thy will be done—and is—always and everywhere.

Everything and everyone is dispensable in achieving God’s will. Because most people are still so resistant to “surrendering to God’s will,” certain events have to happen to “invite”—and, if need be, coerce—this surrender and obedience to Divine will. This is the reasoning behind all the accelerated Earth changes (climate change, disease, droughts, storms, and other “catastrophes”) that we see. Whenever humans say “no” to this Destiny, the Universe (in this case, Mother Earth) enters and acts on our behalf to create the needed surrender for us. It is a simple inverse relationship, balancing on the fulcrum known as “free will” (i.e. our choices). The more we surrender and obey, the less has to happen by way of earth changes. The less we surrender, the more that has to happen to invite (or coerce, if human willfulness and resistance is high enough) surrender. The only choice any of us really has is whether we wish to follow the Path of Grace or the Path of Suffering. The outcome is the same. This principle is true on an individual level, as well as on the collective level.

This leads me to the second major point (which is really another way of expanding upon the first). What is falling away is the “free will zone.” Free will is a Divine dispensation (to use the power of God, any way we want), originally bequeathed to us to use as a homing device for finding our way back into the arms and heart of The Creator. The fact that most humans still use it to gratify their senses and fulfill their carnal desires (in order to numb the pain of feeling separate from God) is what has caused all the trouble and damage in and to this planet and its people in the first place. The accelerated Light coming onto the planet is now making it more and more clear that “free” will is not so free after all. Moreover, the price of using it in self-serving and non-loving ways is becoming higher and higher. In other words, the acceleration is actually increasing the hitherto 10:1 ratio for the Law of Karma (i.e. reaping ten-fold that which we sow has risen up to 1,000-fold for some people). Love is reclaiming dominion of this planet whether anyone likes it, or believes it, or not. Plain and simple.

It is becoming more and more painful to use the gift of free will in non-accordance with God’s will.

So how does 2012 play into all of this? As I said, the acceleration is increasing exponentially with every passing year. And even the exponential increases between years is increasing every year. That is because this critical mass is earmarked by God to be reached in this 21st century. Considering that it is currently far lower than 50%, a lot has to happen very quickly, especially since the level (percentage) of human resistance to God/Love is still far, far greater than the level or rate of awakening/surrender to God/Love. (Notice, however, how fast people are awakening—in movies, media, art, music, politics, etc.) Nonetheless, one of the outpicturings of the massive resistance (the ones who still insist on saying, “No! i will do what i want, when i want, and do it my way!") is that a mass exodus is occurring. “No” to God is no longer an option, and more and more are discovering this, even though they would not know it in the way I have described. Your soul, by design, removes whatever stands between you and God. If the obstacle is your embodiment itself, your soul would happily remove that, since we are all immortal anyway.

Perhaps the most pointless use of free will is waiting to see what will happen, while changing none of your non-loving habits and patterns. We each have the power to effect change on a global—and even Cosmic—level… each one of us. What is called for, here and now, is adopting the “It’s all up to me” consciousness. Those who are waiting for 2012 will be waiting for 3012. The dates will come and go; and, yes, we will see many things in the news that will be of colossal and historical significance… but, again:  We are seeing them now! There will just be more and more of them.

I find it very sad to see how many people have been buying into the many inane and insane theories and predictions about what is going to happen:  the end of the world; the end of money and return to a system of only bartering; the end of all governments; total economic and political collapse and/or annihilation; invasion and takeover by a race from another planet; total destruction of all major cities… the list is as equally endless as it is absurd.

If, while reading this, you are thinking:  “But you are still not saying what will actually happen in 2012?” please consider that I am doing far more than that. This very question is predicated upon a focus that has been placed on the Physical Plane (the earth’s rotation slowing down, the end of the Mayan calendar, influx of more advanced e.t.’s to help us, etc.). This all focuses on “what” will happen. I am giving you all a far greater and richer gift. I am shifting your focus to the Causal Plane, the “why” it is all happening. God has infinite resources (the “what’s”) available to achieve the “why.” It doesn’t matter whether or not more banks fail (and they will), if there are more natural disasters (and there shall be many, many more—bigger and more frequent), or whether economies continue to collapse (and they shall).

These are only some of the ways God is finally getting humanity’s attention, finally getting us to see the sheer insignificance of our small stories, finally getting us to see and accept that there is a far greater and more beautiful plan for us than anyone ever dreamed possible. And, of course, finally having our undivided attention, after we have exhausted all attempts to control our lives and have it “our” way, God’s voice will now be heard and obeyed—and the blessings from that union and co-creation shall rain upon this land and into the lives of ones, surrendered, in a way of which poets can only dream.

What will serve God and this planet best is for each of us to place and keep our focus on self-purification. Purify all four levels of your creation—thoughts, feelings, words, and deeds—more and more, every day. Be fully accountable to Truth and Love. Self reflect and make changes. Use your gift of free will to attune to God’s will and to serve it to the best of your ability. More and more, surrender all your desires, so that God’s highest desires for you can be fulfilled. God cannot fill the chalice of one whose chalice is already full of small, petty desires of the flesh and of material gain—all of which are ephemeral and will be left behind.

God cannot serve the one who is content in serving himself.

Focus more and more on helping and serving others, and make the well-being of all your sisters and brothers as important as your own. This engenders selflessness, the highest attainment of the human spirit. Selflessness breeds unconditional love and endears one to God like nothing else.

Do all this, and you will ride the crest of the wave called “2012” and be placed squarely, gracefully, and divinely into 2013, a year of tremendous Divine love on Planet Earth. Will there still be earth changes in 2013 and beyond? Absolutely. In fact, there will be even more than now. The only difference being that an enormous amount of human resistance will have been removed (gracefully or painfully), and there will be an unprecedented level of recognition of, as well as attunement and surrender to, the will of God. That is what these next three years will achieve, one way or the other.

Another by-product of this rapid transformation at this time is that this ridiculous, ignorant, and time-wasting denial (in the media, in politics, in world leaders, in the human collective mind) of the absurdly obvious and inalienable Truths will have greatly fallen to the wayside. If nothing else, the next three years (2010-2012) will bring the important Truths into the limelight and into the collective agreement and acceptance. Perhaps the supreme example being set by the runaway oil spill occurring right now in the Gulf of Mexico will pave the way… sadly, at great cost. But remember:  God always uses the least means necessary to achieve His will. The fact that it is taking something as tragic as this oil spill to finally get humanity to evolve beyond the use of fossil fuels is both tragically sad—and good—at the same time. The question is:  Will God’s message be heard? Or will it take something bigger? Even the oil companies—and their owners—know that we have already evolved past using oil as an energy source. It is only greed that keeps waylaying the inevitable. If this (divinely necessary) tragedy succeeds in coercing collective agreement and action, then the sacrifice will have been worth it—glorified, in fact.

This is what “2012” is all about, and here it is happening right now, in 2010. As each of us goes through our “growing pains” in the process of waking up to the Truth, a glorious outcome will occur in this century. Human beings will have first and foremost learned to honor, respect, and care for the Earth as God, and to love and care for themselves and each other, as God loves and cares for us. Whatever it takes to achieve this inexorable outcome is simply what it takes. Like any child, we can learn willingly and gracefully, or we can kick, fight, argue, defy—and thereby suffer. The outcome is the same, individually and collectively.

Above all, remember that all is happening in perfection in every moment, all according to God’s Master Plan for Creation. God uses whatever you bring to the table.

Where there is surrender, there is no pain, regardless of circumstance.

-    Louix Dor Dempriey

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