“Come to Me”

As we approach the holy day celebrating The Divine Romance (February 13th), I can think of no more fitting an offering than this poem, which was birthed during my own Courtship with The Beloved. It is truly “the call of The Beloved,” putting into words how God is calling each of us, revealing Him/Herself to us ongoingly, and explaining why we sometimes feel the pain in our hearts that we do. This is my gift to you this day, in preparation for this holiest of days. May these words bring you clarity, inspiration, and upliftment, and may they help you to even more greatly experience the Greatest Love of All.

With my love and eternal blessing,



Come to Me

I AM the Beloved you long to unite with.
Take your focus and place it upon Me.
Have a love affair with Me.
No, it will not take the form you are accustomed to;
But, if you strive to follow Me,
It can be far richer.

Love Me through a sunset.
Make love to Me in the rustling of leaves,
the crashing of waves, and the whispering of the wind.
See Me in the eyes of a child.
That is Me longing and reaching for you.
You can hold Me when you hold an animal. An infant.
When you shake the hand of a stranger,
know that it is really My hand you are shaking.

You tell Me you feel lonely and alone.
Truth be known, you have never been more with Me
than at this very moment, and that, My love,
is the pain you are experiencing.
It is the remembrance of how we once danced as One.
And, as I assist you by taking away everything in your life,
so that all you have left is Me,
the pain of that realization is taking hold of you.
You see, I long for you even more than you long for Me.
I can no longer bear to be without you.
And so I begged permission of your soul to, in this lifetime,
claim you as My very own.

Come to Me.
Where the sun meets the sea, look for Me.
I AM waiting for you, calling to you.
Unto and through every element and breath of Creation
do I reach My hands out to you. Come to Me.
Come to Me…


                                                      - Louix Dor Dempriey


  1. Comment by Bonnie:

    Thank You for this beautiful Poem! You touched my Heart!

    Love, Bonnie

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