How a clear consciousness helps manifest abundance

Q:  I own a massage business and I have struggled financially, partly due to a lack of self-confidence and trust that clients would want to come back to me. I usually feel too embarrassed to ask my clients if they want to rebook at the end of their sessions. How do I overcome this?

A:  You are too attached to what your clients think about you or the service you offer, which, in turn, diminishes the service you are giving to them. In other words, if you are thinking “I hope she likes it; I hope she’ll come back,” then you can’t be giving your 100% effort during the massage, because your focus is on yourself rather than on the client. Your attachments and agendas are actually deteriorating the quality of massage you are giving to your clients.

The most important advice I can give to you is to focus on the service you are giving, rather than the end result. Become the best masseuse you can be. Study and practice your craft. When you are working on a client, focus on being an instrument to bring relief, healing, and nurturing to this person. Then, when you finish your session, exchange pleasantries with your client, and—with detachment—say:   “Thank you so much for coming. I hope you had a good experience. It was a pleasure serving you.” Then (most importantly), after the client has left, take a few moments to offer it all up to God.   

In early days of my ministry, I was doing a lot of one-on-one sessions. Every time a client would leave, I would be on my knees thanking God for the privilege and opportunity of serving that one, and consciously offering it all back to God. I wasn’t making it about me; my focus was on God, on the person I just served, and on how grateful I felt to be able to help that person in some way.

Your focus has been on yourself, which has created scarcity, and you have energetically created a block which stopped clients returning, even if they wanted to.

What you do with your mind is even more important than what you do with your hands.

If you were attuned to God and to your heart connection with the client on the table, whilst also feeling grateful for being able to serve, you could (technically) be giving a “lousy” massage, but the person would feel sublime. He or she would go home and tell friends:  “I have never had a massage like that in my life!”  If you focus on technique only, while your mind is running with thoughts of scarcity, then that energy is what you actually put into their body, not the great technique you are using.

The consciousness you are in when you create is what you create.

Remember:  stop taking ownership of that which does not belong to you. It is not your table; it is not your client; it is not your money; it is not your office; and it is not your body. It all belongs to God. When you return to that state of consciousness, you will create abundance.



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