Cancer Miraculously Healed

5 August 2006

Dearest Pranananda,

Well YOU did it! True to Your word, ten days short of the three months that You promised it would take to transform my life, You have done it!!! “My Miracle” is complete... I have begun my new life. You have set me on my magical journey and, as my heart told me on that first night when my eyes drank of Yours, I now know, for a fact, that my life will NEVER, ever, be the same again.

Scared at first, I allowed Your wisdom to shine as a lantern over my head to light the way. I then watched, with trust and with Your hand in mine, the transformations that have occurred all around me. I have sat in child-like wonder at all the simple beauty of it all—the synchronicities, the opportunities for growth, the people (Oh, all the beautiful people!), and all the love and miracles—every, single day!!!

The affirmations You gave me have swept away the deeply buried sadness that I have held from my past. The meditations have revealed to me, with magnificent magic, the ancient wisdoms of the past (ME, an ordinary girl, sitting with Sages... who would ever have dreamed!). And You, the greatest miracle of all, have guided me by Your example. I will hold Your beautiful smile forever in my heart, and the sound of Your laughter will always ring in my ears. You are a wise and gentle Teacher, with just enough firmness to help me not to waver, but to stay true to my convictions. I can see now the amazing opportunities for growth that the gift of the cancer has given—not only to me, but also those around me. I even LOOK different now, and people keep commenting on “the glow.” I can see now how we can all recognize the Truth, even if we cannot always put our finger on what it is. But our hearts always know, as You have taught me:  If we listen with our hearts, we will hear our souls singing our song.

Thank You, from my soul, deepest within, for opening the ears of my heart. You are a true and wise Leader, and I wish you God’s speed in Your journey of awakening us all to the Secrets of our Souls. Please continue to let others know, as I will, that miracles can happen to even the most “ordinary” (even though I know that none of us are really that!)... for I am testament to that!

With all the Love that my Heart can muster…

Always Yours,

- Vicki T.
Melbourne, Australia

P.S. Watch me fly!!!

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