Can singing be used to heal myself?

Q:  Can singing be used to heal myself—for example, to transmute anger and rage—and, if so, how can I do this?

A:  Singing, by design, automatically opens the heart and, therefore, it is a very powerful tool for healing.

When I talk about singing, I am referring to music that is of a kind and loving vibration—not only love songs (although those are my favorites!), but also sacred chants, mantras, poems, or pop songs that resonate a loving vibration. Sound is the highest plane of outer Creation. Singing about love and kindness opens the heart, and, in so doing, you are invoking the highest vibration of love possible.

Sing often throughout your day, alone or in the company of others (obviously without violating or imposing on others’ rights to privacy or quiet). If you are in a place where you don’t have the space for this kind of freedom of expression (or if you just feel to do so), you can always sing to yourself. Listening to music that is kind and loving also has the same effect.

Singing and chanting plays a major role in the healing practices at my ashrams, worldwide. At Prema Drala in California, as well as in Melbourne, Australia, we have our own devotional singing bands called Pranam and Namavali, respectively, and we sing beautiful songs and chants in many different languages and from many cultures. At most of our public and private events we devote time to singing, and once or twice a month we hold public ecstatic singing events, where attendees often have spontaneous healings and powerful Kundalini experiences.

Singing is one of the most powerful healing tools there is. It’s such a great thing for the human heart, for the human psyche. So sing, sing, sing, sing, sing all day long…You can never sing enough.



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