I seek your advice about cancer in remission

Q:  My brother-in-law’s cancer has been in remission for the last year or so; however, he is in constant fear that the cancer will come back. What do you suggest he could do to free himself from the fear of getting cancer again?

A: First and foremost, to say that your cancer is in remission is affirming that you have cancer. You either have cancer or you don’t. No one has a pregnancy that is in remission—you are either pregnant or you are not. It’s similar in nature to the Mission Statement of Alcoholics Anonymous members:  “I AM an alcoholic.” Saying “I AM” means “By all the power of God that exists in all the Universe, I command this to be so.” This statement effectually reaffirms and reinforces the addiction. This is why many people in 12-step programs, while abstaining from the addiction that brought them there, will replace it with not one other but multiple other addictions, because they continue to reinforce and amplify their addiction by repeating that negative mantra all day long.

It is critical to always affirm the positive. You could say, for instance, “I have no trace of cancer in my body right now.” “My cancer is healed.” Not, “My cancer is in remission.” Saying your cancer is in remission is like hitting the pause button on a movie. Is the movie still playing? Technically, yes; it is, just on pause (i.e. in remission).

The second biggest part is to re-pattern the mind and, particularly, the knowingness that cancer is not a terminal disease. People do not die of cancer, they die of telling everyone that they are dying of cancer and by believing the doctors who say, “You have only three months to live.” This becomes a Mission Statement, a mantra, which is reaffirmed all day long (both silently and aloud), and this mindset is what kills, not the cancer.

I know many people who have lifted cancer out of their bodies. I have great compassion for, and mean no disrespect to, people who have cancer. I have lost many of my family and friends to the disease. But that does not change the Truth:  Cancer can be lifted out of people’s bodies—rapidly and permanently—without surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation. The word “disease” means “something with which you are not at ease.” Once you become at ease, then the disease can often disappear.

For some people it may be time to complete their embodiment, and so cancer may be the vehicle for that. But those (for whom it is not) can rid themselves of it very easily. The belief system that cancer will kill you is what kills you, not the cancer. 

So, my advice is to help him with those two changes, and then be detached from the outcome.






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