Book Recommendation: The Perfect Relationship

As we near the end of 2011, The Year of the Guru, I cannot think of a more perfect time for me to recommend one of the most phenomenal books (written by a God-realized Master) that I have ever read. It also happens to be a book about the Guru-disciple relationship. The Perfect Relationship, written by Swami Muktananda, is by far the most exacting and in-depth treatise on this most profound of marriages—that of Guru and disciple—that I have ever read or come across. I find it especially profound and important at this time, not only because of the timeliness of this year being a window of time wherein ones could make quantum strides in their spiritual growth by opening, ingratiating, and ultimately surrendering themselves to the Guru, but also because of all the distortions and misinformation that prevail in the New Age community about spiritual Masters—and Gurus in particular.

This book will summarily dispel those myths and misinterpretations, but more so gift the reader an unparalleled insight into the magic, the power, and the supreme blessing that this marriage of souls offers the sincere seeker. While the author does include a few of his own “cultural” practices/beliefs (which are actually more endemic to life in India than they are to the nature of Gurus), which therefore act as filters or distortions, they are very self-evident to the astute reader and do not taint or diminish the sheer grandeur and depth of this treatise.

Muktananda tells it like it is, and leaves no question of doubt that his own ascent into the fully God-merged state of consciousness was the direct result—and benediction—of his Guru.  I wholeheartedly place this book on the “Must Read” list for everyone who has been in search of the fastest and most direct path into the heart of God and Self.

-    Louix Dor Dempriey
(Bhagavan Sri Pranananda)


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