Am I an Indigo child?

Q:  I just watched a DVD called Indigo Child, and it described lots of things that happen to me. Am I an Indigo child?

A:  Although I prefer not to use this word as a means of describing the many special beings who have been incarnating in recent years to help Earth’s transition into the Aquarian Age (because of the excessive hype and misinformation on the topic, and because of the egotistical attachment which often develops), you indeed are one of them. Earth is just now leaving the Age of Darkness and entering the Age of Enlightenment, a period of tremendous Light and Love, one that will span thousands of years. I prefer to teach people that all God’s children are equal and special, and, within that truth, there are certain ones who have come with an entirely new brain configuration, DNA structure, and who were born with an understanding of God’s higher principles and plan for this world. They are the “bridge race” for mankind. They are the ones who are coming to help humanity make this transition. In a century or two, most everyone will be born and be living like this, and so many of the evils you see now will no longer exist. Many of this bridge race also have and/or develop what people know as supernatural gifts, when, in truth, they are all very natural gifts that God has given to all of us. The only problem is that few people have ever developed them, because most people live in fear—of God, and of pretty-much everything else, and because few people ever choose to get “proper” spiritual training by qualified individuals. Thus, these natural abilities have come to be called “supernatural.”

Many of these “Indigo” children have these abilities spontaneously awaken within themselves, without any form of formal training. Eventually, you will see more and more people born with and/or developing these gifts as their own Divine birthright. How wonderful. Your abilities to commune with angels, and to hear/see/feel/know about things in the future, are just some of the many gifts and talents that God gave you. I am glad that the sadness and fear in the world has not crushed that part of you. Most children shut down by the age of 7, and here you are, going strong at age 13. That makes my heart sing.

You have my word that I will always encourage you to pursue the truth, to trust your heart, and to know who you are—as God created you. In me, you have found an eternal friend, and your greatest admirer and supporter!

The dream, God’s dream, is very much alive, my beloved. Never forget that, no matter what anyone tries to tell you! In your lifetime, you will see so many miracles, the likes of which Planet Earth has never seen since humanity first walked on this planet. You will also see many more of the darkest moments in Earth’s history. (That part is not God’s doing. It is humans who insist on suffering, by not trusting and obeying God. God wants nobody to suffer.)

Just remember to have compassion for the pain and suffering, and to let it inspire you to become all that you can be for God—as much as the miraculous around you inspires you. That’s what I do. That’s what keeps me going. While so many watch what is happening in the world and become depressed, I watch it and become stronger, more inspired to love and serve God and my brothers and sisters, more passionate and committed to become the greatest love this world has ever seen! If I can do it, so can you… so can anyone and everyone.

So there you have it, my friend. I hope to see you when I come to Australia in December.

I am forever in your heart, with you, guiding you…


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  1. Comment by james mundinger:

    Ever since I was little I’ve been able to see where people’s pain and weak spots are because of a red circle that would appear. When I turned 18 I started sensing everything around me the seen and unseen. I can look at a person and read them knowing weather or not if they are a good person or not. I can not go into any place that has strong dark energy it feels Luke I walked into a brick wall. Whenever anyone that is in pain, sick, or not a good person gets near me my body gets really hot and my hands start to feel tingly and hot. I am wondering why is that and also whenever I pray for guidance I am told to go to san Francisco but why? What is there?

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