A Prayer for Kenya

2 February 2008

Beloved Louix,

With deep honoring and gratefulness. I am returning to you God/You with my heart weeping. i feel so much loved and blessed by God/You.

It is this situation that we Kenyans are in that we seek the soul food that I came a cross your letter "A letter to the World." It is amazing how this message is similar to what we are going through at this time. It is even amazing that it has taken over seven years that i today found the message.

My beloved Louix, with your permission I would wish to get copies of this message to thousands of Kenyans. Your blessing are forever upon us, guide us to the deeper God's heart.

Thanks so much as this message will help us heal. I humbly call upon you to write me and Kenyans as message similar to the one. I wish I could be able to put the message in the newspaper so that Kenyans can get the message. My beloved Louix, please advice me of how to disseminate the message. Today, as i write you thousands of Kenyans are refugees in their own country. They spend the night in the cold, women and children have been left with with no clothes after their houses were burnt down. no food or even the basic needs.

Gangs in their hundreds work with weapons in their hands, hatred and murderer in their eyes. You cannot believe that today we are divided by our tribal ethnics groupings. I trust and believe in you humbly offer us solution.

My beloved Louix, let me know what role I can play to bring sanity.

Thanks for taking me back to way, may God bless.

Lots of love,




In response to this letter, Louix spoke the following prayer:

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"Let us hold in our hearts this day, on the 2nd of February, in the Year of our Lord 2008, all the people in all the tribes in Kenya. And let us see the people in this land—in the heart of Africa, the very birthplace of civilization—as one tribe, one family… a family of God, a family in love. Let us radiate our love to these peoples and to this land, and see the madness dissolving:  anger, rage, and hatred turning to love, compassion, kindness, sweetness, friendship, camaraderie, sisterhood, and brotherhood. See the exchange of weapons and offensiveness, right this very moment, being replaced by embraces, caresses, and gazes of adoration, compliments...

As the mystical phoenix rises, now, in this Year of Rebirth on Planet Earth and throughout the whole Cosmos, it is not only natural, but necessary, that all the ways of old must die and fall away. That is all that is happening, the last desperate cries of separateness. Of course it would begin there (Kenya), in the very heart and origin of the human race.

And, like Christs among all people, may the crucifixes these ones are carrying now lessen the burdens and the experiences of ones to come, as the falling and dying away spreads through lands far and wide… as it must, in order for this phoenix to rise up and out from the demise of its former self, its no-longer-useful self.

Let us bless and thank and anoint these souls in Kenya for paving the way for others. Let us also speak to the souls walking in the forms of ones with maddened minds, and acknowledge them and bless and thank them, and let us take heed from their experience and their suffering, too. From the madness we are witnessing now in Kenya, let us each call forth, claim, and commit to a new and unprecedented level and promise of transformation within ourselves, this very day, this very moment, and from henceforward, so that others may not have to suffer so much, if at all.

We can be—and are—the harbingers of a New Way. It was never God’s intention for His/Her children to suffer. Through our deepening surrender and acceptance, others will not have to, and the suffering in Kenya can end. Each one of us individually has the power to achieve this—for a whole nation, for a whole race, for a whole world. All it takes is One.

So heinous and so intense is what humanity is witnessing in this sacred land of Kenya because it is the microcosm of a much larger (Cosmic) event taking place. The current strife in Kenya is the amalgamation and concentration of the entire collective consciousness on Earth. In short, this global transformation has begun in the epicenter of the human race and will now spread outward.

So, let us channel and direct the energy of surrender—individual, personal surrender—of free (separate) will to God, replacing that separate will with a deep, dauntless, and unabiding acceptance of Divine will:  for our personal lives, for our families, for our vocations, for our earth, for our world, for our existence, and for our future. And let us be strong and unwavering in our promise and commitment, so that the suffering and the madness may end, for indeed it shall… indeed it shall.

What we are witnessing are the growing pains of a human race that is verily molting its own shell. Let us hold these ones, and all ones in this same experience, with great tenderness and compassion, as we hold ourselves and would like to be held in this way by others, as we, too, are in the process of recreating, redefining, and rebirthing ourselves as the phoenix.

Let us call upon the angelic realm to descend upon Earth, like never before, and upon all their mighty legions, in their full power and presence, to guard, guide, and protect each and every soul embodied who must walk this same walk—however that may look—into the very tabernacle of God’s heart.

So powerful a time is this on Planet Earth, and so rapid is the transformation and acceleration now occurring. We must be steadfast, sincere, pure and chaste, ardent and dauntless in our commitment to becoming greater and greater love, in our commitment to surrendering all which no longer serves our souls’ highest good, in our commitment to loving and serving our fellow sisters and brothers and all God’s creatures.

And so, finally, we send this blessing, with our deepest love and compassion, to you, beloved Kenya, as epicenter and wayshower for this burgeoning divinity of the entire human race. We bow before you and we stand strong alongside you—as you shall for us, everyone and everywhere… as we are in this together, in our own time and place—for truly are we One in the heart of Love.

As we partake of prasad (holy communion, blessed offerings), and when we break bread at every meal, let us all know that we are, through this act, transmuting and purifying the dross and the madness that has laid siege upon the sacred land of Kenya. By so doing, shall we here and now reduce the amount of like circumstance that would have taken place in other lands, other countries, other tribes.

Through your sacrifice, beloved Kenya, heart of the world, may we all find peace, harmony, unity, and oneness, and love for self and one another—as equals, as divine, and as God loves us.

Let us see this blessing permeating and having permeated the land itself, and all of the elements, as well as the people… and it shall continue to do so, for this is an open and expanding vortex, not a one-time event. Our continued thoughts and prayers will continue to amplify this blessing, and it will radiate out, continuing to cleanse and transform, encompassing the entire world and the entire Cosmos.

I encourage everyone to really become more and more disciplined, more and more pure and chaste. It is so vitally important, more so now than ever before. Be very discerning, be very exacting as you look upon your life and see what needs to be let go:  what habits and disciplines that are weak and need strengthening; which inauthentic ways of being need be released and/or transformed…. Please, please—I beseech you—do this now, and do it every day. Now is the time. The gains you will make are beyond comprehension; and resisting this way of being will, likewise, bring incomprehensible pain and suffering—incomprehensible. Really, there is no choice, for one who is wise.

And do this not out of fear, but with great passion and excitement. This energy of Rebirth that is available and radiating unto and through all of Creation this year is so purifying, profound, and all-transforming. To simply watch it go by would be, itself, the greatest of tragedies. Take hold of it, befriend it, romance it. Let this be the first and greatest year of your life. So much wonder lies before you, before each of us.

Take heed to my words, and take them seriously. Be the demonstration, be the example for others. Let God’s grace take hold of you and sweep you away, that others may be inspired by your life, by your transformation. Let the following words be your mantra, your Mission Statement:

“Take me Lord, for I am Thine, and Thou art mine.

Take me, Lord; I surrender.

All that I am, all that I was, all that I shall ever be,

I give unto You.

I do hereby surrender my free will into Thine,

to live and reign as One.”

- Louix Dor Dempriey

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