A Poem for Guru Purnima: “Guru”

Dispeller of Darkness

Bringer of Light

Showing me how to give up the fight

Of blaming God, keeping Him at bay

Determined at any price to make someone pay

But this is distortion

And not who I am

You hold up the mirror

To expose the scam.

My true nature is Love

Of the purest kind

Not the machinations of the egoic mind.

You have served me and sourced me

Loving and guiding

Coaxing my Divinity

From its place of hiding.

You have filled me with bliss

When I looked in Your eyes

And I could see in my heart

That therein lied the prize.

I thank You Guruji

For all that You give

For all that You sacrifice

So in God I may live.

I send You my love

With all of my being

For all that You do

Seen and unseen.

Guru Purnima honours Your choice

To give God’s Love a compassionate voice.

You have lived and breathed this with all that You are

And I will follow You

As wise men followed the Star.  


- Faesha 
Melbourne, Australia


This beautiful poem was written by a disciple for her Guru on Guru Purnima (the celebration of the Guru).

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