A Magical Essential Oil Called “Thieves”

I would like to share with the world the magic, wonder, and healing power of a truly amazing essential oil, called “Thieves.” Like some, I was at first turned off by what sounded to me like a dark or negative name, whereas everything carries an energetic imprint, including names of products. However, once I learned why this oil was given this name, I was able to let go of any concerns about the name, recognizing that the distributors were using the oil’s legacy as part of their marketing… all well and good, you might say. The important thing is what this oil can do. Rather than repeat, it is best and easiest for you to simply go to this link (see below) and read for yourself. I have been using this oil for years, and I highly recommend it to become part of everyone’s standard apothecary (medicine bag). Travel with it, too. It will be a lifesaver… in some cases, literally! I also apply Thieves oil to the soles of my feet and to my children’s feet—when we travel, during flu season, when around people who have major colds or infections. It will help keep your kids healthy when their classrooms are full of runny noses and infections, and it does the same for you when your roommates and office workers are sneezing and coughing all around you.

On a side note, clove oil (the main ingredient in Thieves) is one of the best remedies for toothaches, when applied directly onto the gums around the ailing tooth. This oil is quite potent, though, and may be difficult for small children and some adults, so use carefully and sparingly.

Here’s to your improved health… with my love and eternal blessing…

- Louix Dor Dempriey


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