A Letter to My Guru on This Special Day

7 March 2019

Dearest Guruji... my guide, my inspiration, my friend,

On this Anniversary of Your Enlightenment, I reflect upon what this special day means to me:

You stand before us, an example of what we can attain... if we want it bad enough and if we are willing to see the truth and to change. 

You demonstrate the joy, the magic, the peace and happiness, and the Love that we can have everyday of our lives... if we truly want it. 

You teach us true unconditional love and are the example of that... when we are willing to put down our guns and be accountable for our behaviour and thoughts. 

You show us the abundance we can have in all areas of our lives... if we are willing to love ourselves enough and if we change old beliefs and live by Universal Law.

And You show us through Your every day life that the journey is difficult at times and our hearts will break with experiences we need to have, but that we don’t need to be defined by them and that God is beside us, all around us, and within us always... if only we trust and believe. 

You are these things and much more and I cannot imagine my life without You. Bless You dear Guruji, for what You have done so that we may not have to. And for Your unending Trust, Faith, and Love for God and His Divine plan for Humanity. 

I pray the Universe showers upon You untold blessings today (and always).

I love You with all that I am.


Kharananda Mayi


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