A Beautiful “Death” Experience

6 December 2007

Dear Pranananda,

Wanted to share with You the huge gift Jafeth's mum left with us. She transitioned yesterday morning, just before 6:00 a.m. The feeling of unconditional love and peace was palpable! Her mother (that is Jafeth's grandmother) was the first one in the long line of people welcoming her. She extended her hand to her daughter and the minute she took it, she took her last breath... it was nothing less than divine. This whole experience is such a beautiful gift she gave her daughter (Jafeth's sister), as she was able to see all of this happening. She saw her mum leaving her body as an orb of light and going momentarily into her and giving her/showing her unconditional love briefly before going.

She was able to see the beauty and be in reverence of the moment.

It was truly magical.

Thank you so much for your guidance, as I was able to share with Ariadne (Jafeth's sister) Your words in regards to death and the privilege to be present.

Looking forward to see You and Ariel!


- Narayana R.
Sydney, Australia

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