2010 is the Year of Adoration

In his annual Divine dispensation to humanity, Louix Dor Dempriey proclaims 2010 as The Year of Adoration—the year to truly enter The Divine Romance (our love affair with God) like never before. As part of his guidance as to how each of us can deepen our relationship with The Beloved, he highly recommends that we recite The Everlasting Covenant as often as possible. He also recommends reading the book Miracle of Love (by Ram Dass) to vicariously experience the sublime devotion and adoration of which he speaks, and to see the all-transforming power of that love.

The second part of this video takes place the following morning (New Year’s Day). In full Samadhi state, Louix gives the viewer and listener a direct experience of the bliss-filled world which is our birthright and destiny, turning prophetic the words he spoke not ten hours earlier. The passage evolves into his reciting The Everlasting Covenant, through which we all renew our marriage vows to God, to The Beloved, in this Year of Adoration.

This film clip is a rare opportunity to hear and see—and, more so, directly experience!—the God-merged state known as Samadhi.   (Total running time:  41 mins. 50 sec.)

Part 1

Part 2

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