2010 Holiday Message

I recently returned from my 33-day pilgrimage to India, a trip that has changed my life in so many ways, and is sure to change this ministry as well. Our trip was a symphony of one miraculous, God-filled moment after another. So many surprises…. So many times God left His signature upon a magical moment. There is so much that happened, it could fill an entire book. We have put together a small slide show to share with you.

Our journey took us all over India, visiting the mahasamadhi shrines (tombs) of many of the Avatars who have been an instrumental part of my training and/or this ministry over the years. This trip was to not only pay my respects to these Great Ones who helped mould and shape my life, but to directly receive their darshan as well. It was so wonderful to be able to sit at their feet, in the ashrams and centers where they lived and served all the days of their lives.

Driving by car for much of this trip, we were fortunate to see much of the countryside and meet so many people. Needless to say, the pilgrimage far exceeded anything I could have imagined, and I am eternally grateful to every one of you who helped to create or support this trip.

As we are now in the final month of this Year of Adoration, I hope that many of you took full advantage of the Revelations and insights I shared last New Year’s Eve, ones that would help you create the most blissful, peaceful, and successful life possible. I pray that you made the time to deepen and re-create your relationship with God/the Divine and that you are now harvesting the blissful fruits of that investment in your Self.

This year, I have chosen to dedicate my birthday (Dec. 17th) to giving darshan in Los Angeles, continuing a tradition that I began a few years ago. It is widely known that receiving darshan on the Master’s birthday (as well as on his day of liberation) delivers even more amplified blessings and shakti. We are also gearing up for this year’s New Year’s Eve Retreat, to be held at The Lodge at Torrey Pines, in northern San Diego, California. I am so excited to be sharing with all the participants at these two events the myriad and untold blessings I received while in India. As I always say,

“The only thing that surpasses having a profound experience of God
is the joy of sharing that experience with others.”

May you all have a joyous and love-filled holiday season. With my love and eternal blessing…

Louix Dor Dempriey



Greeting the people of Hapud


Meditating in Ramana Maharshi's cave


Hanuman, Pranananda, and Kharananda above the Shiva temple in Tiruvannamalai


Enjoy our picture slide show:

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