Louix Dor Dempriey’s non-denominational, timeless expressions of wisdom and love demonstrate how to create peace, unity, tolerance, compassion, humility, and joy within each individual and collectively amongst the nations and peoples of the world.





Louix's teachings and practices include:

  • Attaining self-mastery—and, ultimately, Enlightenment itself—through meditation, pranayama (sacred breathing), as well as many other tools and disciplines for self-awareness and the purification of one’s consciousness.
  • Creating a new paradigm of sacred family, which includes natural, home childbirth; holistic parenting; as well as creating and fostering divine relationships and partnerships.
  • Living in harmony with the earth and its natural resources in eco-friendly, self-sustaining, organic farming communities that are anchored in, and sourced by, Louix’s teachings.
  • Caring for our health through the principles of holistic living, which includes striving towards (and including in our daily lives to the best of our ability) organic vegan diet, purification of our bodies, and regular exercise.
  • Sharing our joy, gratitude, and abundance with others, one of the most important ways of which is through the practice of tithing.
  • Offering compassionate service to others as part of our everyday lives.