The Monthy Aspectarian September 2010 Interview

Guy Spiro: I always like to start with people briefly telling their story.

Louix Dor Dempriey: I was born December 17, 1961 and raised in Boston in an Italian American family with two brothers and a sister. On the one hand I had a pretty typical life. I was devoted to study and was a straight A student all through school. But I was always deeply immersed and found my deepest communion with God in nature. I was a bit of a Dr. Doolittle as a child. Wild animals would come up to me and I would touch them or hold them. I was constantly going off into the forest and walking along bogs and swamps and rivers, always catching animals and taking them home. I was completely enraptured in nature.

I had my first personal encounter with Jesus at the age of five when he materialized in my bedroom and talked to me for about fifteen minutes. The two most noteworthy things I remember were, he said there would be two turning points in my life, one at around the age of thirteen and the second around age thirty. The first is going to break your heart because you're going to think it's taking you from me. I can't tell you what it is, but when it happens I want you to know now that it was me who actually precipitated it. That turned out to be my leaving the Catholic Church at age thirteen. Naturally, growing up Roman Catholic, all I knew was Jesus, Mary, Joseph, saints, angels, and God. But I felt compelled to leave the church because of certain basic concepts and the dogma of hell and original sin. Both of which are illusion, completely and totally.

GS: My birth mother's family was hard core Fundamentalist and I sat in church as a little boy and said, wait a minute, everyone in this room is going to heaven and everybody else in the world is going to hell? Come on, that can't be true.

LDD: As young as eight or nine, I was arguing with the priests and they were telling me off. I just kept telling them that a child cannot be born with a black mark on its soul. It came out of the hands of God and into the world. A newborn is purer than any person walking the planet, how can they be the blackest and darkest thing? And the whole thing about having to beg for forgiveness all your life so you can get into heaven just didn't work for me. But I loved church and I was so torn. I would be in church and be so God intoxicated that my mother had to pull me out. I wanted to light all the candles. Weekdays after school, I would go and sit in the church because that was where I felt closest to God, either in the church or out in nature. When I left the church at thirteen, I felt like I was leaving Jesus. But he had told me at five, without telling me what it was, that I needed to remember that it was he who precipitated it.

GS: Did you leave the church to move in a certain direction, or could you just no longer stay in the church?

LDD: I just couldn't partake in it. I would still go and sit in the church, but I couldn't go to masses or listen to the stuff that I knew was completely incorrect, or distorted. The second thing he said in that first experience was about a pivotal turning point at around age thirty. He didn't tell me what would happen, but gave me the general direction. It was my spiritual awakening. My crown chakra opened and I went into Samadhi for a solid week. I didn't eat and could not sleep a wink. I could do faith healings, I could see into people's bodies and I was living and experiencing complete and total omniscience. I could see, hear and know everything from all the realms of creation. People would come and sit with me and ask questions, and that's where that all began. I should also say that I had been counseling since childhood. When I was ten years old, I was made a guidance counselor at my school. By the time I was in high school, I was counseling my teachers. They would tell me about their marriages, their divorces, their sex lives, their personal problems.

GS: I had similar experiences. I was my high school guidance counselor's counselor.

LDD: I was always around the adults. I can't even remember a time when I was with the kids. I'm sure I played some, but I was always with adults. I would sit at the bar or at the table and talk with the adults. This career of counseling and teaching was just with me from birth. It was always there.

When I had my awakening in May of 1990, I started having many divine encounters. I had extraterrestrial encounters of all kinds. I had encounters with celestial beings. I started calling out for help as I didn't really know what was happening to me. I prayed every night. I had never really read any type of mystical or occult book and had not even had a psychic reading. I had no physical plane spiritual teachers up until that point. I would say, Jesus, please send me someone who can tell me what's happening to me, send me a group who can accept me and understand me. I shared a few things with friends and got mocked and ridiculed, so I went quiet.

But the encounters and experiences didn't stop. It was at breakneck speed and happening constantly. After three months of saying this prayer for help, I connected with a teacher. That was when I had the first encounter with other ascended Masters—Jesus, of course, had been with me all my life, but now Mother Mary, and St. Germaine. They spoke to me for about two and a half hours. They inducted me into an ancient mystery school where I trained for four years with over one hundred different Masters. These beings were materializing and would walk right through the walls. It was fascinating and miraculous things were happening.

I had been acting all my life and I pursued my professional career, going to New York. A movie deal brought me to Hollywood and I became a rather successful actor in movies and TV, and I was doing commercials and voiceovers. I had a recurring role on a series on CBS, Eisenhower in Love, that only ran one season, but I was given a contract to be a regular in the second season. My career was booming and that's when the big writers' strike happened. Ninety shows got the axe. The Masters said it was God's deft slight of hand to keep me from getting derailed, which I can see clearly now.

GS: All the guys that I played music with back in the day went on to be professional musicians. But it just wasn't my dharma LDD: I had landed a starring role in the movie Alive, about that rugby team that crashed in the Andes. Three weeks before going on location, they pulled me and gave my role to Ethan Hawke, which made him a star. Then the Masters swept me up and took me off.

GS: I like the concept of alternate universes where we've made different choices. I always wonder what's going on in those universes.

LDD: There are so many dimensions co-existing, it's fascinating.

GS: The question becomes, how do we get localized in this one?

LDD: I always tell people to stay focused on this one. The strange thing is that most people out of innocence or naïveté think there are actual physical locations or that you have to go somewhere. They are all existing at the same time and as you expand from within you have the ability to access and experience them.

GS: It's all simultaneous.

LDD: Parallel realities. Anyway, in the third of these four years of training that led up to my enlightenment, the Masters were all physically materializing around me. Then it really became quite a show. It was spellbinding. My enlightenment happened on March 7, 1996, and then I just had to walk away from the world again, from everything I owned and everyone I knew, and start over. I walked away from my jobs cold turkey and went through an amazing experience. I was on my own and that's when the ministry formally began. People just started coming and the ashram was built and grew and now we have three in Australia with the mother center here in California. There are different study centers around the world. We're moving along. I travel wherever I'm called and go where people wish me to go, and I lead spiritual pilgrimages and have retreats and write a lot. We have teleconferences and videos and spread the love. I give darshan publicly wherever I go. I usually go into Samadhi for personal anointing and blessings and speak different revelations or guidance for people. That's it in a nut shell.

GS: You seem to be an interesting combination of old and new paradigm teachings.

LDD: When people ask me if this is a specific religion, I say no. I say that religions are 5,000–7,000 years old and before that you had truth and love. That's my religion. I use the truth, the piercing dauntless truth and guide people into seeing themselves and into their hearts, where the wellspring of their own divine love can awaken and be restored.

GS: Religions turn out to be political organizations that grow up around spiritual teachings.

LDD: I always say that spirit is that which is, and religions are interpretations of that which is.

GS: On a good day.

LDD: Right, but they all do have their merit. They all came from basic inherent truths. Put all the world's religions in a pot of boiling water and you'll have the same pearls in the bottom. They take on a lot of translation and distortion, interpretation ...

GS: Baggage.

LDD: Baggage. When people ask what religion I am, I say I'm whatever religion God is. My religion is love.

GS: There is a paradigm shift in the works. Whatever one may think of astrology, we are very clearly morphing from one age, one paradigm, to another. It's very interesting. I'm always interested in how people are articulating the change. A big part of the new paradigm is that what was once reserved for the few is now available to the many. How would you articulate it?

LDD: As you just said, what was once reserved for the few is now available to the many. That is true. I've heard people describe it as all the mystery schools are now open and the veils are lifted. I wouldn't say that. It's true to a point, but it's more like the veils have shifted. The access is readily available because of the mass awakening on the planet, but the veils have now shifted onto people. You can say now that the door to the temple is wide open, but now you have to unlock the padlock on your heart.

GS: For those with eyes there are no secrets.

LDD: The Universe withholds nothing from anyone but only the purely motivated can see. Water will seek its own level so lesser students will draw lesser teachers. People with impure motives will find impure expressions of their motives.

GS: I often say that people are attracted to the level of teaching that they're ready for. So there is a place for almost all teachings but...

LDD: Vanity over one's spiritual attainment can be a big problem. Attainment puts people at the top of the food chain, and if they use that to reinforce vanity, that makes it worse because now they've lost their accountability and their humility and they think they are untouchable. It's kind of shocking. So my take on the paradigm shift is that it has always been so that every human being, regardless of race, religion, caste, creed, or status has the ability to access ancient truths and mysteries and uplift and exalt and ultimately liberate oneself. But the human species, the collective of it has been asleep and remained in darkness and ignorance. Only a select few had awakened. What's happening now is that the process is still there, it's always been there, but the human race is going through its spiritual awakening, as if entering puberty. The human race is awakening to the greater truth of spirituality and our origin and reason for being. The fact that it's happening cosmically for the species is what's creating this rapid awakening in so many individuals and steering institutions and structures and the foundations of this planet

GS: One of the things I really like about the paradigm shift is that we no longer have to see the physical plane as a bad place. The whole past 2,000 years, more in some cultures than others but pretty much across the board, has been physical plane bad, the higher planes good. The idea that the physical plane is any less holy than any other plane has been nonsense the whole time.

LDD: What's the change?

GS: That we can now live happily in our physical bodies and still transcend in consciousness.

LDD: I don't find that as something new. To me, the people who felt bad, or had that judgment that the physical plane is bad, just live in the absolute depths of separation and fear. One of the hallmarks of the new age movement is "I can't wait to finish my work, so I can go home." I tell folks, you are home, you're not going anywhere.

GS: Right, that hallmark is not really new age, it's old age dressed up as new age.

LDD: I still hear Masters from India talking about that. Liberate yourself so you can leave and go and be in spirit and never have to reincarnate.

GS: Exactly, the whole get off the wheel thing.

LDD: It's a lot of hogwash. There is no better place in the entire cosmos than this planet. Yes, there is illusion and degradation and war and killing and pestilence, but it's paradise, I live in paradise, and I see it everywhere I go.

GS: I tend to see the world as a theme park. I'm on the Guy-Ride and I'm upgrading my ticket every chance I get.

LDD: Right, it's what we make of it. In tandem with the I just want to go home thing, I want to get out of here because the world's a bad place thing, is that delusionary thought what do we do about it? Pointing fingers and blaming won't do it. We need to clean the oceans, we need to clean the rainforest, that all has its place and merit and is all true. But at a higher level, there's only one thing any of us have to do and that's fix ourselves.

GS: Individual illumination.

LDD: There's no single greater gift than the liberation of a soul. It raises the light quotient of the planet more than anything else in the world. The greatest contribution anyone can make is the purification into a holy, loving, kind being.

GS: Very simply light obliterates dark. More light there is, the less dark there can be.

LDD: Love is the most powerful thing there is. It kills all ills, heals all wounds, ends all wars and that's just the way it is. I'd like to steer people's focus to that, but I don't want anyone to take what I'm saying the wrong way. Those other things, all the save the whatever foundations and causes, they are all important and they must happen and they are a part of it. But there's one that stands head and shoulders above them all and that's purifying one's self.

GS: Somebody has the stirrings, they are beginning to wake up, they know that it's time—what kind of process would you recommend?

LDD: It's different for every human being. At the end of every sincere path the beloved awaits. It's the purity of motive and intention that will draw people to what they need. They say when the student is ready, the teacher appears, but it's not just the teacher, it's the teacher in a wider sense. You will draw whatever you need. There are certain fundamentals, like for instance, sitting in some form of meditation. Some people get wigged out by the word, but sitting in the silence and just being in quietude, turning off all the outside and inside stimuli and being in that silence, listen for the still small silent voice. Whatever you call it, spirit guide, master, higher self spirit, or God.

I do teach meditation and sacred breathing techniques which are known as pranayama. I tell people of the importance of being on the earth, even if it's just sitting for ten or fifteen minutes in the grass or under a tree, communing with the earth and with animals and small children, it's the closest thing to God. Next to God realized beings, children are the closest thing to God. It's the closest thing you're going to get, as well as with animals in the wild. Find more and more ways to commune deeper with the divine. Also important is purifying the body. People pollute their bodies with garbage, junk food, dead food, processed food, chemicals, pesticides, and they say, oh it doesn't matter, I am God, I am pure love and God loves me anyway. But that's not the point, I'm talking about how much do you love you? It was never a question that God loves us. But it is a question, how much do you love you.

The body is the temple that houses the soul. They go hand and hand and the more you purify your body, the more you reach higher and higher vibrations. But I'm not a big proponent of compulsion and obsession so when people ask, if I have a glass of wine will I go to hell? No, and that's not the point. I had a glass of sangria the other day at a restaurant. I hadn't had a drink for almost twenty years. I didn't feel guilty and I didn't feel ashamed and I didn't hide it from anyone. The point is that you set a moral structure for your life by which you live and you uphold that to the best of your ability. If you have a momentary digression ... whatever you choose in life you want to choose it with one hundred percent of your being, and live outside the realm of guilt and shame, because those are wasted emotions that do nothing but kill your body. If you want to have the glass, have the glass, and be good about it. Enjoy it. But if you're going to be riddled with guilt, that is much more damaging than the glass of wine, let's put it that way.

GS: I think that if you really have your "yes" and your "no," you can pretty much do what you want.

LDD: That's true. But there are still fundamentals to maintaining a healthy and wholesome body. Eat as much organic food as you can because the chemicals that go into mainstream food are just horrifying. I am a huge proponent of raw food because you're getting prana that you don't get from dead food. The more raw food you eat ... I personally can eat no less than fifty percent raw and I strive for seventy-five to eighty percent in my diet. I am not one of these people who have to have every single molecule organic. I could do it, but I'm trying to give a teaching that reaches as many people as possible rather than picking the select few. If there are only say, half a million people on the planet who could ever master a one hundred percent raw diet, I'm cutting off my nose to spite my face by saying this is the only way.

GS: If you make it too hard, then you're reserving it for the few again.

LDD: Why not try to reach as many people as possible because the truth is, back to the paradigm shift, we're all headed in the right direction anyway.

GS: It's funny, there are so many doom and gloomers out there, but I see very clearly that the prevailing wind is towards greater liberality and enlightenment.

LDD: It is for sure, and my place is to tell people that everyone can do this. If I can do it, anyone can. I've done every vice known, I've done it all.

GS: We are all on a continuum back to the one. There's nobody not connected to the one. It's how high up along that continuum do you awaken to.

LDD: It's only a question of how much each one of us has forgotten and how asleep we are, or how disciplined and how passionate we are. The top of the mountain is attainable to everyone, and it's more than attainable, it's our destiny.