Love from Louix — a Message for 2011

The Life Connection interview with Louix Dor Dempriey
by Liv Kellgren  - Link to The Life Connection on-line version

Louix Dor Dempriey, also known as Bhagavan Sri Pranananda, is a spiritual master who trains people in the art of self-mastery. He teaches people how to purify all four levels of the creation: their thoughts, feelings, words, and deeds. The Louix Dor Dempriey Foundation is based in Orange County, and his teachings and trainings take place around the world.

Previously held in Australia, for the first time in 12 years his New Year’s Retreat this year will be in the United States: December 29, 2010–January 2, 2011 in La Jolla. (Details at end of article).

Louix Dor Demprie
y:  We create on four different levels: thoughts, feelings, words, and deeds, so I teach people how to purify. I give them techniques and train them in sacred practices to purify all levels in which they create and manifest in the world. A lot of people think meditation is enough or reading books is enough, but I tell people you need to walk your talk. God doesn’t need any soapbox preachers. God needs walking emanations and representations of love, so I place more credence on that than on lip service.

Liv Kellgren/TLC:  And what do these techniques look like?

Louix Dor Demprie
y: I teach pranayama, which are sacred breathing techniques that can help align your chakras and heal your body: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, and ones where the practice invokes and draws enormous infusions of divine light or current or (however you want to describe it) love into your body, which itself both feels ecstatic and euphoric. But the light itself has transforming effects on the body, and people go through tremendous healings.

The other thing I do is I give people direct guidance through teachings—whether I write them, speak them, or film them. Also, in tandem with that, I give people direct guidance on their life circumstances. People bring to me situations in which they’re involved: whether it’s an ailment, an injury, a job, a love relationship, friendship, or employers. They bring me situations, and I help them. I empower them and guide them to find the answers within themselves.

I teach them the art and practice of self-inquiry. I teach them how to first realize, and then recognize and discern, how everything in the universe is speaking to us and teaching us something all the time. Everything means something.

Everything that happens in our environment, everything that happens in our life, happens solely for the purpose of each person’s God-realization. And we can glean, from that, wisdom and life lessons, which we then master, and thereby, evolve into higher and higher states of consciousness, higher and higher vibrations of love. But it’s all the true art of self-inquiry. That’s really the main tool that I use—reflecting on everything that happens in our lives, learning from it, and teaching ourselves.

I often jovially call myself-a set of training wheels for one’s own inherent divinity. Once I get people up to speed and get them using these tools, if they never saw me again, they could still continue practicing these tools and attain Buddhahood or attain liberation. And even if it’s not about that as the goal, it’s really about living as pure love. I often tell people (even though most masters and teachers will say the goal is liberation and enlightenment)—which, of course, ultimately it is, “Just focus on becoming pure love, purifying yourself, your mind, your emotions, your body, and your spirit.” And then, the outcome is the destiny of every soul anyway.

So, it sounds like you’re encouraging an individualized path for each person.

It depends. What do you mean by individualized?

Well, encouraging someone to look inside their own selves. So, I may have a different path than the person sitting next to me, but we’re all headed toward the same place.

True, true. It is individual at the level of the Absolute. I mean, our journey into full God-realization is an individual journey. It’s just between me and God, between you and God. But we’re also, as a human species, as a race of beings, an interrelated species. We’re an interdependent species.

So, even though the journey to liberation is individual, the means to do it is not. We need other people in terms of our lives, and so it’s important that we work together in harmony with one another.

But your own victory is not dependent on another person. We’re not dependent in that way. We have everything that we need within ourselves. So yes, it is individual, but it’s also interactive.

We all need people in our lives who can support us, don’t we?

Yeah. And we should seek them out and surround ourselves with them. It’s a really important piece that I advise people on. It’s so critical to surround ourselves with people who support our dreams and our beliefs, as it is so hard to attain lofty goals without that. It’s almost impossible.

Have you reached your highest potential?

So, have I reached the zenith of my divine potential in this lifetime? That’s not really for me to say. But what I do tell people is that every minute of the day I strive to become greater love and to re-create myself-anew as love every day. Every time I encounter a person, I find new ways to love that person, whether I know the person or the person is a stranger.

One of the hallmarks of my teachings is that the single, greatest disease on this planet is complacency. Complacency marks the beginning of decline. Whether you’re a master or whether you’re an artist, a painter, or a teacher— whatever you do, complacency is deadly.

I think there’s a need for constant striving to become more, to become greater love, and to remain somewhat humble about it. There’s an important place to have that self-love and self-dignity, to know thyself, but it is even more important to constantly defer to the supreme majesty of the Creator and have that insatiable hunger to become greater love. I think that is what keeps us in perspective and keeps our hand out of the mixing bowl, so to speak.

And so, at your ashram in Orange County, a lot of what you do is model that in classes, processes, examples?

Mostly what I do in our public events is give darshan, where people come to receive a personal blessing and anointing. Darshan, for those who may not know, is a direct transference of divine light or energy that comes from the master into the individual, and it completely and radically transforms someone’s mind, life, and body. Whether or not they know it, feel it, or believe it, it does anyway.

And it affects different people in different ways, but it is an actual physical transmission, transfusion, and infusion of light that comes directly from the Godhead through the God-realized consciousness of a master, vibrating in that (God-realized) frequency, and then goes into the body. So many people go into euphoric states, and have kundalini awakenings. Some people cry and cry and cry, feeling that love coming into them.

Other people laugh hysterically. Some people get angry. Some people feel nothing, but there’s no one who walks away unaffected. And it affects people’s lives in ways they may never see or know, either. I know—because of who I am and what I do—that darshan is one of the single, greatest gifts that I can give people, because you can’t find that in a store.

I always tell people, “Be very detached.” The best thing you can do is to just come with an empty mind and be the empty chalice. Just say, “I welcome and receive this love,” and that’s all you really need to do.

These darshans, are they weekly, monthly, or special events?

Right now, we have more events than we’ve ever had. We have one or two events a month, and usually one of them is a darshan. We’ve got one at the Rose Temple in Venice in L.A., and we’ve got one in Orange County on the 21st of November. That one is going to be really interesting, because I will be home just one day from a five-week pilgrimage throughout all the sacred sites of India, so I’ll be plugged into a wall socket that night. [Laughs]

Tell us more about the New Year’s Retreat.

We have morning meditation, where the people come together in our sanctuary. There is silent meditation. There are some prayers and invocations. We do some sacred chants.

And then, at some point of the day, there is invariably a window of time of several hours wherein I’m coaching and counseling people. Again, where they bring their lives to the table and they seek divine guidance on how to become masterful in whatever that circumstance is; and every, single time, whatever is spoken and shared applies to everybody in the room, because we’re really all One. So, I always encourage people to listen to every word spoken as being spoken directly and only to you.

The people who wait for their turn have completely missed the parade, because everyone in the room is a reflection of some part of each one of us. Again, it gets back to self-reflection and self-inquiry. I teach people that you are the only person on the planet, and the seven billion humans are the seven billion reflections and aspects of you, so we can learn from everyone’s life as our own.

And then, we have these beautiful meals. Our meals are just these amazing banquets of organic vegan food.. And there’s laughter. There’s a lot of singing, a lot of hugging and joviality, and we go out in nature a lot. We go out on the earth, and this place is right on the bluffs overlooking the ocean, so I imagine, at some point, there will be an ocean hike, too.

And then, on New Year’s Eve, I give a very special discourse after dinner. I start around 10 pm or maybe 9 pm. We start reflecting. I take the group on a reflection of the past year in their lives, and to see what lessons they learned, which ones they mastered, which ones they avoided and repressed, in what areas they didn’t do so well, and pretty much look at how the energies held that year guided their lives. When we get through all that, I give a revelatory discourse about the year to come.

I give a divine dispensation each year about the energy that’s going to be overlighting and guiding the planet, collectively and individually. And then, I apply it to their lives and show how those energies will affect the things on the collective level, things on an individual level, within institutions, and then within their lives. And then we have a great countdown to New Year’s, a toast, and we have a big “hug fest” after that for about an hour.

And is this where The Year of Adoration came from?

Yes, that was a discourse, the revelation that I gave last New Year’s Eve, that this year, 2010, would be The Year of Adoration. And then, throughout the year, I’ll continue to speak about it, help people to attune to those energies, and use that to really catapult their lives into greater levels of peace, love, harmony, and mastery. So it is one of the most powerful vehicles they can use to go higher up the mountain, so to speak, and that’s what this year is all about.

In explaining that Year of Adoration, it’s really about people using this year—where there’s this portal, this opening for people—to place their singular and highest focus on falling more deeply in love with God, with The Beloved, than they ever have before. And, for people to say, “Well, I always love God”—well, yeah, that’s all well and good, but I’m asking that this year you re-create it, reinvent it, and take it to an unprecedented level, because that will invoke divine love and grace that will take your life into the stratosphere. And for people who say they already have that, I say, “Well, go do more. Go higher.”

And again, I keep the focus throughout the year (in my events and in my teachings) on steering people into this, because devotion is one of the highest and fastest routes to God, because it is the supreme vehicle to attain the exalted state of self-love. And self-love is the vehicle for liberation.

Why is 2010 the Year of Adoration?

If we look at the world, the world has traveled (obviously, there are exceptions to the rule, but I speak of the collective humanity as a being) so far from The Beloved into selfish pursuit, into sense gratification, into pursuing worldly desires, to the point whereby God no longer exists as a Creator in this world but exists as money. Money, fame, and earthly power have become God for so many people in this world, and people have become so consumed by it that this proclamation, this Revelation and dispensation, came from the Divine.

The reason “this year” and “why now” is because most of humanity has been like a runaway train on a path of self-destruction. You remember in the movie, I think it was the first Terminator, when Schwarzenegger’s character came, and the little boy said, “Why have you come? Why are you here?”

And he said, “You human beings are programmed to destroy yourselves, so I’ve come to stop you from destroying yourself. You have a beautiful species and beautiful planet, and you’re destroying it.” So it’s in line with that. Pursuing these false gods, of just gratifying the senses, with wanton reckless abandon—which, of course, is only for the purpose of numbing the pain of feeling separate from God in the first place—isn’t going to lead anywhere.

I had one master who used to tell me, when I was a young upstart myself, thinking I knew more than anyone, “You just need to get out of the way. You are in God’s way. Just get out of the way and no one will get hurt. You do your job. Just serve and obey, and God will protect and serve you, and everything works, and everyone will be happy.” So that’s what I live by, and I hope that other people will, too. If they really want to attain inner peace, you know, it works.

The New Year’s Retreat this year will be December 29, 2010-January 2, 2011 at The Lodge at Torrey Pines in La Jolla, just 30 minutes north of downtown San Diego. For more information on the Retreat, Louix’s darshan schedule, or other events around the world, please visit the Louix Dor Dempriey Foundation website The website is full of information, articles, videos, and audio.