I Have Finally Come Home to You

8 July 2002

Beloved Sri Pranananda,

Two excerpts from my journal, both being from morning meditations. Please feel free to quote any parts of them You wish. Know that I AM with You in every moment of every day, as I feel You with me, as well. So, here goes:

(7 July 2002) - I could see an egg/coccoon/chrysalis rolling, and I knew/felt there was some kind of new life/bird inside. It settled, and I knew then what it was—the Phoenix, bursting, rising inside of me. Warmth, heat flooded my body, and, as I dropped deeper into You, into gratefulness, the bright light of the morning sun pierced my eyes. Oh, Beloved Pranananda, I have come Home, to my true Family... I felt You merge with me, and I know now I have no more excuses left... the Phoenix-flame is alive in me, and she has burst forth and is flying, a fledgling bird spreading her wings! I am with You, Pranananda. I AM with You!!

(8 July 2002) - For a fleeting moment there, the rent or crack in my vision was gone (I've had a "blind spot" in my vision since sustaining a head injury in 1998)!! Oh, Beloved Pranananda, finally, after many years—nay, lifetimes—of wandering, I have come Home to You, my Soul has come Home... I have returned Home to myself. Thank You, Beloved Pranananda, for paving the way, for laying the stones before me as I stepped, for holding my hand as I walked. The rain outside are my tears of gratitude, of relief, inside. I have no choice now—i.e. no excuse—but to choose Love in every moment. My eyes are again open. I have come Home. I know the Illusion is an illusion, I have felt this Truth in my body, in my heart. I have but to remember, to choose to remember. I AM of God, and I AM returning to God, and now nothing stands in my way. I have no more excuses left—I remember!!

- Christopher W.
Hobart, Tasmania