Many people choose to abstain from eating at this time, as an annual sacred tradition; others choose to at least to forego certain foods for this period, particularly foods which may be indulged, such as sugar, caffeine, soda, or chocolate. For those who find fasting too difficult or medically challenging, you may want to monitor your overall food intake and make a concerted effort to reduce the amount of food you eat during this period. It can be very powerful to abstain from something important to you throughout the celebration, as a gift to Louix and symbol of your love. This could be a time to abstain from indulgences such as sex, smoking, or watching television. The objective is to make choices that lead toward greater self-purification, thus increasing the amount of shakti (Divine light) that you will receive during this sacred time.

Fasting is an excellent way to purify the mind, body, and soul, and to bring every cell of our bodies into deeper connection with the Divine. Many people choose to do this on the day of His birthday, and some for all three days. By abstaining from food and other behaviors during this time, you can deepen your experience of God by reaching to Him/Her for nourishment and sustenance on all levels of your being.

Whatever you choose to do, please honor and listen to your body’s capabilities. Most of all, make your offering to Louix in honor of His presence in your life, and let your heart be filled with the joy, peace, and gratitude that come with the blessings received by all that you do in His most holy name.